Author Deborah L. Gladwell’s, first book The Adventures of Shy Spy Time Traveler was released by Tate Publishing on January 29, 2014. Her second book “Mrs. Noah’s Cat” was released by Tate Publishing on April 19, 2016.Deborah is a former Sunday school teacher. As a Sunday school teacher she was inspired to write Christian story lessons for her Sunday school class.

Deborah has always enjoyed reading.  When reading a good book she feels as if she is actually there observing the story in person.  She loves mystery, humor and suspense, and has incorporated them in her books.  It makes her happy to help young people understand the Bible and make their reading experience exciting at the same time.

Deborah is from the small town of Downsville, NY, located in the Catskill Mountains. As a child she lived in many different places in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and West Virginia before moving to Huttonsville, WV. Her roots are deeply planted in West Virginia and she considers Huttonsville to be home. She is a loving wife and mother of two sons.

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